Vlog #16: Vlog cam shopping + The Ramen Challenge

Join me as I take you vlog camera shopping and eat the BIGGEST BOWL OF RAMEN!
I’ll take you on a quick trip to Best buy to check out camera options. There cameras for every price range from $120-$800. I will also show you the camera I bought, and the features.

After shppping, I met up with my friend to try the Mega Ramen challenge‼️Finish a MEGA THAI PAITAN RAMEN in 15 min (including broth) and it’s FREE. When there’s a will, there’s a way 💯👍😃
Thai Paitan Ramen x 1 (creamy chicken & coconut broth w/ coriander paste)
Pork Belly x 8
Pork Shoulder x 3
Bean Sprouts x 3
Thick Noodle x 3
Fried Onion
Shredded Red Pepper

See whether or not I successfully complete the Mega Ramen challenge. There were four people in this vlog trying the challenge, only one person finished. Guess who!?

Thanks for watching!

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