Vlog #36: Castings + What I Packed

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This vlog is about my first day arriving in Montreal. I share the ups and downs as I arrive super late at a casting due to a delayed flight. && I have a super awesome surprise at my hotel. Then take a look inside my suitcase & see some of my favorites + check out a box of free products I was sent to review. I will teach ya’ll how to get free products to review as well in the next vlog.

Below are my favorite brands displayed in this vlog:

Maison Camelia -Luxury Eternal Floral Arrangements https://www.maisoncamelia.com/

Industry Active – High Quality Work Out Gear https://www.industryclothing.com/

A & Co Clothing – Canadian Made Streetwear www.acoclothing.com

Thanks for watching!

&& Stay tuned for my next video on how to get free products to review.


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