Vlog #42: Swimwear try-on haul at Kallone

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Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!

Thank you so much for watching my Kallone swimwear haul, all items will be linked below as usual.

Slight disclaimer … I hope no one is offended by the fact that I am in swimwear on camera! I have been a model for many years and in that time I have had many photoshoots for swimwear and lingerie companies, therefore I am used to it and it’s normal to me, however if it does offend you I can only apologise and suggest you skip this video and hopefully come back for my next one (five tricks that helped me lose weight!) where I will be more fully clothed throughout..!
Anyway just wanted to mention that, thank you again for your ongoing support and encouragement and apologies I haven’t uploaded in a while, there are a few reasons for this which I will explain in an upcoming video!!!

Big thanks to Kallone for hosting me at their store.

Kallone Intimi
309 Queen St West

Look #1 – Baywatch in the 6ix

Review: I always love the sexy red bikini they wore on Baywatch. This bikini is a dream come to reality. I love the basic front with the sexy open back.

Click here to see it on the Kallone Website

Look #2 – Retro/Vintage yellow
Review: I always love a Retro look. This yellow bikini looks cute on different body types. && I love the pop of yellow

Look #3 – Active Orange
Review: This look is amazing of you expect to be active in your swimwear. This one piece is cute, sexy and safe (no boob slips).

Look #4 – Pretty (& comfortable) in Pink
Review: Comfortable AF!!!!!! Love the casual look, the comfort is a huge plus. If you dont like the plastic feel of regular bikinis; you will love this one!

Click here to see it on the Kallone Website

Look #5 – Sporty Cheeky
Review: The one! I’m a gal that loves black. I love sexy swimsuit. Less is more. && in this case there isnt much to hide 😉 Summer 2018 is going to be a sexy one.

Click here to see it on the Kallone Website

Lots of love always !!!!!
Tamara x

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