Vlog #44: Cuisine and Cuvée Event

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I had a blast at the 19th annual Cuisine and Cuvée event! This was my second year attending, I ate lots of great food, mingled with other guests and got to learn about great local cuisine.

This year we raised $230,000 (net) for Providence Healthcare’s patients, residents and clients! This support will help to improve the quality of life of people who have faced despair and come to Providence to find hope and comfort. I had an awesome time and I am excited to share this experience with you. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Click here to visit their website and learn more about this great cause.

Lots of love always !!!!!

Tamara x

Vlog #43: My 5 Easy Everyday Weight Loss Tricks *NOT A DIET*

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Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!

We all know that weight loss requires a lot of hard work. However, several studies have shown that if we change some of our habits we can actually lose those pounds without too much effort. These 5 tricks will help you lose weight without any drastic changes or diets.

This Vlog hits really close to home for me because I struggled with my weight for a long time. As a teenager I went through a really tough time from 13 – 16 ; I couldn’t figure out my body and I put on 40lb. This was a really tough time for me, as a result I want to share some of the tricks I learnt through to help maintain a healthy weight && more importantly a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

This is not a diet, these are everyday tricks that you can implement in your daily life to make changes.

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I hope you enjoy!!!!

Lots of love always !!!!!

-Tamara x

Vlog #42: Swimwear try-on haul at Kallone

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Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!

Thank you so much for watching my Kallone swimwear haul, all items will be linked below as usual.

Slight disclaimer … I hope no one is offended by the fact that I am in swimwear on camera! I have been a model for many years and in that time I have had many photoshoots for swimwear and lingerie companies, therefore I am used to it and it’s normal to me, however if it does offend you I can only apologise and suggest you skip this video and hopefully come back for my next one (five tricks that helped me lose weight!) where I will be more fully clothed throughout..!
Anyway just wanted to mention that, thank you again for your ongoing support and encouragement and apologies I haven’t uploaded in a while, there are a few reasons for this which I will explain in an upcoming video!!!

Big thanks to Kallone for hosting me at their store.

Kallone Intimi
309 Queen St West

Look #1 – Baywatch in the 6ix

Review: I always love the sexy red bikini they wore on Baywatch. This bikini is a dream come to reality. I love the basic front with the sexy open back.

Click here to see it on the Kallone Website

Look #2 – Retro/Vintage yellow
Review: I always love a Retro look. This yellow bikini looks cute on different body types. && I love the pop of yellow

Look #3 – Active Orange
Review: This look is amazing of you expect to be active in your swimwear. This one piece is cute, sexy and safe (no boob slips).

Look #4 – Pretty (& comfortable) in Pink
Review: Comfortable AF!!!!!! Love the casual look, the comfort is a huge plus. If you dont like the plastic feel of regular bikinis; you will love this one!

Click here to see it on the Kallone Website

Look #5 – Sporty Cheeky
Review: The one! I’m a gal that loves black. I love sexy swimsuit. Less is more. && in this case there isnt much to hide 😉 Summer 2018 is going to be a sexy one.

Click here to see it on the Kallone Website

Lots of love always !!!!!
Tamara x

Vlog #41: Catskiing in the Rocky Mountains

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The skiing was unbelievable and the views blew my mind. Join my Dad and I as we venture to the top of the Rocky Mountains to shred some sweet pow.

I broke my ski right before the last run and had to ski down on one foot :O

Big thanks to Chatter Creek for hosting us.

All action footage was shot by Lindsay Donovan (@lindsaydonovan)

Thanks for watching!
& I hope you enjoy!!!

Vlog #39: Dynamite Photoshoot in Montreal

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Join me as I travel to Montreal to shoot for Dynamite.
Take a sneak peak inside the Dynamite headquarters.
&& experience my first Fat Friday!
Day 1 – was just a regular ecome day
Day 2 – we had a little more fun and shot some email flyers

Thanks for watching!

&& Stay tuned for my next video on how to get free products to review.