My New York Guide 2018

Where to stay

The Lexington Hotel ☆☆☆☆

What to do

Spider bands ☆☆☆☆

I went to try out Spiderbands early Saturday morning. I had so much fun working out while bouncing around and exercising using my own body weight. I always enjoy trying new work outs, and this one was really cool!  I will definitely go back to Spiderbands next time I go to NY.

Click here to watch the vlog.


To check out the Spiderbands website click here.


Swerve Fitness ☆☆☆☆

On Sunday morning, I tried the Rhythm Ride a spin class at Swerve Fitness . I was surprised when I realized this was no regular spin class. The class was 45 minutes long and everyone was divided into three groups (red,blue,green), throughout the class you gain and lose points as a team based on your performance. It was really cool to ride in teams, i felt motivated, supported and accountable without ever being singled out.

I would definitely recommend Swerve if you want to challenge yourself and take your spin class to the next level. Push yourself! You can do it!

To watch the vlog Click here!


Where to Eat

The Delancey – Dinner & Late Night





We went to the Delancey in the Lower East Side for drinks and food. We tried the steak tartare and I had a vodka water with extra lime.

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The Osprey – Brunch





For my post-workout brunch I decided to venture out to Brooklyn for a nice Brunch with a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge at The Osprey.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.23.14 AM.png

With farm-to-table cuisine and the finest Brooklyn purveyors, ingredients take center stage at their unique dining venue. Dine al fresco in the park, or alongside the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.24.03 AM.png

Click to watch the vlog & see the DELICIOUS meal I consumed. 😛


The Ainsworth – Dinner & Late Night





On my last evening in New York I decided I needed some me time and some yummy comfort food at The Ainsworth. I enjoyed a bottle of white wine and as per their reccommendation tried the Mac & Cheese Burger. The burger consisted of panko crusted mac & cheese patty, beef patty, mac & cheese;on a sesame bun. It was so freaking good! You need to check it out in the vlog, Click here to watch.

The Ainsworth offers a new take on classic American fare favorites, signature cocktails, and visually stimulating décor, culminating in the ultimate drinking and dining experience.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.22.36 AM.png